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Elemental Communication

Essential Life Skills

Elemental Communication is a revolutionary approach to personal excellence that creates natural wisdom.  Wisdom emerges when the intellect of the mind works in harmony with the innate intelligence of the subconscious.  With our innovative Essential Life Skills (ELS) processes, you will excel at understanding what your internal compass is telling you, and what to do to stay on the course that you choose.  You will be able to make decisions that create successful outcomes, even in the midst of doubt, discomfort, and strong emotions.  

Elemental Communication couples the proven techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), with the basic elements of partnership and respect.  You have a team inside you with each part uniquely contributing to your resourcefulness and capability.  These parts are made up of the instinctual primal parts of your brain along with the intellectual and inspired parts of your brain.  When your team agrees on your goals and plans, things go smoothly.  When they don’t agree, obstacles, conflict, stress, and confusion occur.  Getting agreement in your team is accomplished by working with the subconscious directly and putting into its natural state of learning. Once in that learning state, it will optimize its own circuitry and move into alignment with your goals.  This results in a powerfully efficient way to get at the heart of what you value and let those values create a world that is worth living within. 


People who have gained expertise with the Essential Life Skills processes of Elemental Communication experience a profound competence that feels natural and easy.  Obstacles no longer feel impassable.  People feel healthier and energetic.  Most importantly, they live with the expectation that they will succeed.  Whether you are looking for excellence for yourself, your employees, or your group, there is an Essential Life Skills program that is right for you. We offer individual coaching and group trainings. 

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: basic and important: having the power of a force of nature: fundamental:  simple, uncomplicated


: the act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviors to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc.,